What Are You Having For Tea Tonight?

Today’s words are sponsored by my very good friends, who have the delight of listening to my waffly Whatsapps.

Thank you for your messages
And for asking how I am.
I’m glad you’re having a nice day,
Although, it was anything but calm.

With all the stories you mentioned
You made me snort with laughter!
I make a mental note of that 
“I must get back to that after!”

I can tell you need to talk some more
But my reply is all about me. 
Let’s pretend it’s a “welcome distraction” 
That I’m not acting selfishly.

Let me tell you about my day instead
And who said what at work! 
I briefly remember something you just said
…wait, who was being a jerk? 

What should I do for dinner?
Please! Give me some ideas!
I can’t really be bothered to cook actually
Oh, and when are we going for beers? 

I know I’ve missed important things
And I promise I’ll get back to them,
Like all those things I said I’ll show you 
But the pictures never come.

I hope I’m a better friend to you
When we talk to each other in real life,
You’ll have my undivided attention then 
Over a wee glass of white wine.

Right then, I’ll love you and leave you! 
…Also, what are you having for tea tonight? 

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