They were tearing down all the homes in my neck of the woods and I was forced to migrate. There was a lot of flapping and complaint about it but in the end it finally twigged that I would have to flee, so here I am, perching in this new environment. 

There aren’t many others like me around, but I’m used to this feeling of solitude. I’d visited a few sites fleetingly and eventually I found a humble place to settle down. It may seem naught but an excavated hole to you, but to me it is home – a quiet space nestled on the outskirts of the city –  it’s perfect. 

Since being here, I’ve chipped in the same as others and earned my stripes, but I wouldn’t like to tap at doors and stick my beak in too much, so I keep myself to myself. I have a prominent appearance but I’m rarely seen and I mostly go unspotted. Occasionally people will see me and be mindful of me for a short speck of time, but as soon as I’m out of sight, I’m barely a flicker of a thought at the back of their minds. 

For all that I like this secluded life, it’s difficult to be valued at the forefront of society when no one can see my crown. My needs are often forgotten and this riddling thought bores into me each day.

Just because I’m usually quiet that doesn’t mean I won’t create noise. It’s important to look at things from all angles before drilling into something, so I am always contemplating. 

You believe we are all the same, but some of us are defined as greater, and others lesser. There’s an impending pecking order that seems to hover high above us, a jabbing reminder that we are mere workers and everything we contribute to your world can be snatched away in a pinch.  This has always been drummed into us, but now there’s a call for loud, rapid action but it’s compliant and somewhat easier to show the white feather. 

I wouldn’t want to risk everything now. It took me so long to find my home here and spread my wings in your society… but perhaps now is the right time. I expect one day I will be threatened, (knock on wood) and forced to move on once again for I am a woodpecker and your hollow, decaying tree is my home.

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