Have you always known what you would be when you grew up? I never really had an option. My work means everything to me – it offers focus, provides my daily meals and ensures I have somewhere to rest my head.

As a lost youngster, I was unwillingly swept into this city hubbub but now when I prey upon this bustling, urban jungle, I see my home and I just can’t wait to sink my teeth into each new day. I spy thousands of people below: swarming over the pavements, their cars scuttling down the roads, their bicycles whizzing down the streets, always rushing, rushing, rushing! How I do enjoy the buzz! I’m completely caught up in my frantic lifestyle and the unquenchable thirst for work gives me an overwhelming sense of pride. 

Of course, there are times I consider surrendering and escaping for a much-needed rest, but I’m unashamedly sucked into the city frenzy. The endless opportunities and challenges drive me forward and push me to constantly improve. Do you know, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Yes, yes, the grass could be greener somewhere else, but what if it’s not? Don’t you think it’s better to stay put, bounded by the silky comfort of what I already know? It’s true, there are mounting responsibilities biting down on my shoulders and often I struggle to deal with the pressure. With everything flying around me lately, it’s difficult to find time for my tasks, let alone myself. Alright, I’ll admit I do get somewhat tangled up in those suffocating thoughts but I always try to put a positive spin on things.

Sometimes I wonder why I bother. I rarely get any acknowledgment for my carefully considered efforts. I know I don’t do my job for attention but a little taste of recognition would be nice. I’m sure you can imagine the depression and despair: toiling over my work, dutifully and precisely tailoring each aspect to meet my perfect expectations, then an audacious stranger decides my work is insignificant and they simply wisp it away with a curt flick of their hand. That’s what bugs me most – the blatant lack of respect.

But, even if nobody else understands, if nobody else will appreciate my work, I still don’t give up. The truth is: I believe in myself; I am important; I am strong; I am proud. Yet, I expect, to you I am nothing but a common spider and my work is just another dusty cobweb in your way.

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